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Hey guys, sorry it’s been so long since I’ve updated. I’m in the middle of mid-terms and I thought I’d set up a queue, but evidently I had not. I don’t have a lot of time right now but the moment I do, I’ll begin posting again.

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30 day warden challenge: Day Twelve

Day Twelve. Tattoos. Does your Warden have any tattoos and if so how did they get them? If you Warden has no tattoos explain why not. Also include how your Warden views tattoos - Include their reaction to the Dwarven Casteless brands and the Dalish Blood Writing.

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30 day warden challenge: Day Eleven

Day Eleven. What does your Warden believe in?
 •What does your Warden believe in? [The Maker? The Creators? Their Ancestors?] Are they an Atheist?
 •Why? And how strong are their beliefs?
•Do their beliefs affect their relationship with their companions?
 •Does their beliefs affect their choices while battling against the Blight?
 •How do they practice their religion before and during the Blight? [If they have a religion]
 •How do they react to learning more about the different religions of Thedas?

 ***Bonus Question***
If your Warden has any superstitions describe them.
Does your Warden knock on wood? Do they see a black cat and are convinced they will loose their next fight? Are they terrified of insulting a mage in case one curses them? Does your Dwarven Warden pray every morning that they won’t fall into the sky?  You could use this question to make up some headcanons on what you think common superstitions would be among people in Ferelden  if you wanted to- and since DA is set in a medieval time period most people would have some some superstitions.]

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